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Bluetooth Car Kits from Fresh Fones

THB Bury CC9060 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit
The Bury (THB) CC9060 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit is the VERY latest State–of–the-Art hands free kit system originally designed for Aston Martin now available to the open market, a truly unbelievable system that has the best “Dialog voice recognition system” available.

Crystal-clear sound & Cutting-edge design
The speaker-independent Dialog-Plus voice control has a unique word recog­nition system which is both fast and highly accurate. However complicated a name sounds, however quickly you say a telephone number, the CC 9060 re­sponds to your voice immediately – and isn’t affected by background noise.

To help you use the voice control func­tion effectively, the system provides clear visual and audio prompts, making for a highly user-friendly and enjoyab­le experience. And thanks to text-to-speech functionality, the CC 9060 can also read text messages out loud – so you get the information you need wi­thout needing to look at the phone’s display.

From the very start of the design pro­cess, we were firmly focused on providing a user-friendly system that will help drivers stay safe on the roads.

Why don’t you see for yourself?

THB Bury CC 9060 features:
• DialogPlus voice control – fast and accurate word recognition; no voice training required; visual and audio prompts
• Easy-to-use system with intuitive 2.8-inch touch screen
• Voice dialing
• Text-to-speech – reads text messages out loud
• Automatic call answering available
• Display* shows contacts, call log, reception quality, handset model and name of network provider
• Can store multiple numbers for one contact
• Maximum capacity: 10 handsets, 100 text messages, 150 voice tags, 15,000 contacts
• Crystal-clear voice reproduction via vehicle’s built-in sound system; automatic radio muting when calling
• Light sensor automatically switches between day and night mode, with a choice of colour schemes available for each.

Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit
The Parrot is the UK’s best selling Hands Free Kit. It has voice recognition, and you can transfer your phonebook to it and dial directly from the screen.
THB Bury System 8 car kit
The first cradle car kit to offer quality hands free across multiple makes and models of mobile phones using a detachable cradle system.

Its clever docking platform allows you to swap cradles at the push of a button. The benefits of this system are many and mean you can easily update your car kit, keep additional cradles for other devices (i.e. Blackberrys or PDAs) and quickly swap between work and personal handsets.

Featuring auto muting of the car stereo, phone charging, improved signal reception and clear quality audio, the THB Bury System 8 is a good alternative to most genuine car kits, and is endorsed by many phone manufacturers.

With over 250 cradles available and new cradles being added every month you can be sure that you will be able to easily update your car kit when you update you phone. As well as THB`s range of interchangeable cradles Bluetooth adapters and universal Bluetooth cradles are also available.

A THB Cradle car kit is fully compliant with the new hands free legislation keeping drivers safe, legal and able to communicate whilst on the move.

Nokia Fixed Car Kit
These car kits hold your phone in place while recharging the battery and provide hands free with excellent two-way (duplex) voice quality.

A speaker is provided or a radio mute can be supplied so the calls are heard through the car audio.

Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit
Just leave your Bluetooth phone in your pocket or a bag, turn the ignition key and you’re ready to make, take or reject calls while driving. You can also voice dial using the "smart" button. A speaker is provided or a radio mute can be supplied so the calls are heard through the car audio.