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Bluetooth Pen from Fresh Fones

Digital Pen Technology

"... every year throughout the world over 400 billion pieces of paper are in circulation - taking from 1 week to 4 weeks to be received and processed ..."

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If you can use a pen, take a picture and send a text you can use this mobile technology. It`s been kept very simple - so there`s no need for training. By combining a digital pen with a smart phone, users can write out and transmit a form, verify critical data, include a photo, drawing or barcode reading, and record a GPS position - all quickly and easily, and without any significant change to your existing working arrangements.

Transmission takes less than a minute, and costs less than a stamp. With the automatic routing processes that have been created, the user can simply "fire and forget". And it certainly beats the traditional way of waiting for forms to be faxed, posted or brought back for re-keying, with bottlenecks and risks to the accuracy of data.

They`re ideal for anyone on the move from engineers and surveyors to nurses and sales people. And they can work for any application - from deliveries and questionnaires to inspections, repairs, audits and visit reports.

With full traceability back to the original document, they`re perfect for sensitive data. Where client signatures are needed for proof of delivery or attendance, the process is familiar and the client can keep a hard copy. And when timing is critical, completed forms can be sent from site and acted on immediately - with opportunities for more effective problem-solving, faster customer response, and accelerated invoicing.

How it works
Although on the outside it looks and operates just like an ordinary pen, a digital pen captures and stores information as it`s written. A tiny infra-red camera in the nib takes a hundred pictures per second of the pen strokes, and converts them into digital data. The form is specially designed for your specific application, and pre-digitised with a unique dot matrix pattern. Sophisticated handwriting recognition software is used to intuitively convert the handwritten form into text.

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