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Tough Phones

ATTENTION – ALL Field based & Site workers!!!

There are now two robust “Tough” rubber cased mobiles available with bluetooth technology in the market place.

They are the Samsung M110 Solid and the Sonim XP1, both phones are very strong and robust for the Engineer /Site worker where the mobile phone is getting a “tough” life being dropped from height, subjected to dusty and/or wet conditions on a regular basis, so if you or your business are in this category give us a call to see how you can get your FREE “Tough” phone(s) from FRESH Fones. We specialise in not only providing the best solutions but saving business users money off their current mobile phone contract costs - we keep it simple and tell you how much we can save your business.

Samsung Solid M110 Tough Phone

The Samsung Solid M110 Tough Phone is an unlocked GSM phone with Bluetooth, IP-54 certified available from FRESH Fones FREE of Charge*.

  • Splash & Dust Proof (IP 54 – IEC Certified)

  • Compact Size and reliable handgrip

  • Long lasting battery (1000 mAh)

  • FM radio

  • Bluetooth

  • Flashlight

The Samsung M110 has now also earned the Global Certification of IEC 60529.

M110 video1

M110 video 2

M110 video3

M110 video 4

Sonim XP1 “TOUGH” Phone

Sonim XP1 “TOUGH” Phone (known as the JCB Phone) is an unlocked GSM phone with Bluetooth. IP-54 certified available from FRESH Fones FREE of Charge*.

Water & Humidity: IP certification 54: Interior mechanisms can withstand entry of a stream of water at a 90 degree angle.

Temperature Range:
Operational range between -20C and +60C.

Shock & Vibration: Rated to 1.65m drop to concrete.
Protection from 5Hz to 500Hz.

Screen: Protected by advanced scratch
resistant coating

Durable Casing: Hardened rubber moulding
cast via dual injection

Durable Mechanics: Keypad buttons tested to 500,000 pushes
Dedicated PPT buttons tested to 200,000 pushes

Dirt & Dust: Non-porous casing blocks
entry of micro-particles

Protected against:
  • Shocks
  • Drops
  • Rough Treatment
  • Water
  • Dust
  • Extreme Temperatures

XP1 video1

XP1 video 2

XP1 video3

XP1 video 4

Cost *FREE of Charge
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Both the Sonim XP1 and Samsung Solid mobiles are robust mobiles in todays market place suitable for abusive use, they are both fitted with Bluetooth technology with the main differences being that the Samsung Solid has a long life battery and comes with a built in camera, flash light and slightly more sleek in dimensions as well as being 50% lower cost than the Sonim XP1.

*Subject to contract